College Bound

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Select Dakota

The goal of the Select Dakota website is to provide prospective students (recent high school graduates, transfers, or adult learners), as well as parents and counselors with information that can be used to make informed decisions about the best place to attend.

Mapping Your Future

A public service, nonprofit organization. Mapping Your Future provides programs and initiatives to help people achieve financial wellness and lead successful lives.

From Here to College in 14 Steps

College planning can be overwhelming and many families start too late. To help, we’ve simplified it to just the most essential steps to take during junior and senior years. Parents and guardians can use it to guide their students on their journey to college.

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SDMyLife is the best resource in South Dakota for grades 6-12 for educating and providing resources to students interested in a post-secondary education.

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Make College A Reality

Make College Reality's mission is to provide information and advice on preparing for, applying to, and succeeding in college. We aim to take the guesswork out of the college process by making all the information available in one place.

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Khan Academy: College Admissions

A comprehensive free resource that guides you through the whole application process. It includes short videos to inspire reasons to go and to overcome obstacles.

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Career Cluster Interest Survey

This short informal survey will help learners identify career clusters that may point them to future career plans and general work areas. By taking this survey, it will narrow down the thousands of career options to general areas of interest. This tool is intended for discussion purposes only for career planning.


Everything you need to know about registering for the ACT, test dates, what to bring on test day, and more!

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Union Test Prep

Free practice tests, flash cards, and study guides for many tests, including Accuplacer, ASVAB, ACT, SAT, GED, and many more. is an online platform that makes education affordable, effective and engaging with short, fun video lessons created by qualified instructors. There are free and paid resources for teachers, schools, students, and families. Find free resources by creating an account.

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My Future: College

This website provides students with easy to read college resources in planning, applying, paying, and attending college.

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College Search

This website allows students to select from a variety of filters to find a college that may be a good fit for them. Filters include test scores, location, type of school, sports, majors, campus and housing, paying, diversity, and support. Students can choose the filters that are important to them and skip the others.


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