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CELL Resources

Resources created by the Center for Early Literacy Learning (CELL) provide families and childcare providers with simple ways to enhance daily activities for literacy learning.

CELL Practice Guides for Providers – Infants

Center for Early Literacy Learning Practitioner Guides for Childcare Providers Infants Literacy Rich Experiences Nonverbal Communication and Signing Pre-Emergent Writing and Alphabet Exposure Print Awareness

CELL Practice Guides for Providers – Toddlers

Center for Early Literacy Learning Practitioner Guides for Childcare Providers Toddlers Alphabet Awareness Emergent Writing Literacy Rich Experiences Nonverbal Communication and Signing Sound and Phonemic

Conversation Cafe for Families

Virtual Cafe for Families We are sad to share that SD Statewide Family Engagement Center team will be cancelling the remaining Conversation Cafés for Educators

Pillow Fort Pictures

PILLOW FORT PICTURES Share your pillow fort images here Name First Last Email What do you call your fort? (We like silly!) Any real or

Home Learning Schedules

Hover over the images and click on small arrow to preview, or download [useyourdrive dir=”1iWUjhGrBzT0E_tUuwfYK6TZ7dUbAgYcQ” account=”107064705310505914703″ mode=”files” viewrole=”administrator|author|contributor|editor|subscriber|guest” downloadrole=”all” showbreadcrumb=”0″] AT A GLANCE [wpv-post-body view_template=’at-a-glance’]

What is SEL?

The South Dakota Statewide Family Engagement Center (SD SFEC) is working to unite students, families, schools, and communities together by focusing on learner needs from

Screen Time Guidance

SCREEN TIME GUIDANCE: WHAT CAN ADULTS DO TO HELP CHILDREN NAVIGATE TECHNOLOGY? Is social media changing our brains? This 3 minute video by AsapScience describes

Student Success Night SFEC hosted a Student Success Night at Rapid City High School to talk with students about careers. This collection of videos from school administrators

New HS Graduation Requirements

Now that school has started – check out the new High School graduation requirements for South Dakota. Recognizing that success looks different for each student,

Birth to 5 update

The Birth-Five pillar of the SD SFEC has been busy working to improve the communication and early literacy skills of children from birth to five

Mental Health Resources for Families

When Something Scary Happens – Resources to Help Families Cope in Emergencies and Other Challenging Times Sesame Street in Communities – Includes resources and activities

Early Literacy Resources

American Academy of Pediatrics Early Literacy Resources – These resources are for families to explore and expand their understanding of early literacy. Some links have

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