Early Learning Take and Makes

Take and Makes are easy-to-use STEAM activities that families can do together. STEAM activities incorporate science, technology, engineering, arts, and/or math. Take and Make activities connect early learning to South Dakota State Standards for Kindergarten, and they include a family engagement component. They are made with readily-available, household items and are packaged for families to take home and do together.  Here are some other ways you can use these activities:

  • Put together Take and Make kits for prizes at area festivals
  • Choose one of the Take and Makes and use it at your booth to attract families and share kindergarten readiness skills
  • Have the activity on display for families to interact with and send home the assembled activity with your organization’s information
  • Challenge families to go classroom-to-classroom to collect Take and Makes and explore the school

Click on a Take and Make below to download a printable PDF. 

English Version

Supplies: Bubbles, sandwich-sized bags

Supplies: Play dough, sandwich-sized bags

Supplies: Kinetic sand, sandwich-sized bags

Supplies: Fruit loop cereal, string, sandwich-sized bags

Supplies: Masking tape, sandwich-sized bags

Supplies: Conversation candy hearts, gallon-sized bag, graphing sheet

Supplies: Sunflower seeds, sandwich-sized bags, paper towels

Versión en español

Suministros: Burbujas, bolsas para sándwich

Suministros: Plastina, bolsas para sándwich

Suministros: Arena cinética, bolsas para sándwich

Suministros: Collar de cereal de fruta, cuerda,  bolsas para sándwich

Suministros: Cinta adhesiva, bolsas para sándwich

Suministros: Corazones de conversación, bolsas para sándwich, hoja de grafica

Suministros: Semillas de girasol, toallas de papel, bolsas para sándwich,


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