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This 1 credit / 15 Contact Hour course is based on the SD Department of Education’s Guide to Inspiring Partnerships Between Home and Schools (“Toolkit”), along with supplemental references from the SD Statewide Family Engagement Center’s collection of resources. The course is organized by the same five sections as the DOE Toolkit.

The course is self-paced over six weeks. A new section will be available each week, starting from your registration date, so you could complete the course in six weeks. You are welcome to take more time if needed. 

Learning objectives:

Who is the course for?

Teachers and School Administrators

Learning Path

Learn about the course requirements, and get an introduction to Family Engagement. Navigate the online setting and course format.

Learn about Family Friendly Walk Throughs, School Policies and Compacts, and Vision and Mission Statements.

Explore why physical environment matters. Gather strategies for providing an inclusive school culture.

Explore ideas and strategies to foster a school-wide effort at connecting with families.

Learn why it's so important. Discover new ideas for communicating with families and reinforce what you already do that works.

Explore resources that will help students and families bring Learning Practices home.

What participants are saying:

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