The Ultimate College and Career Resource Guide Created for South Dakota Students

To help students navigate the overwhelming world of resources, the South Dakota Statewide Family Engagement Center (SD SFEC) created The Ultimate College and Career Resource Guide.

It’s a free online “one-stop-shop” resource guide to provide students, families, schools, and communities tools to support this key transition time. From exploring careers to looking at colleges to figuring out how to pay for college, the guide will help students and their families confidently plan for the future.  SD SFEC Learning Specialists shared a first draft of the guide with students, families, and educators to receive extensive feedback. Their suggested changes were then incorporated to make the guide more useful.

SD SFEC Director, Morgan VonHaden, says, “The Ultimate College and Career Resource Guide is truly an amazing resource that our team put together for all students and families. We knew that there were already a lot of resources out there, but we wanted to gather the best resources together into a comprehensive guide for college, career, and ‘What do I need to know next?’ You don’t know what you don’t know, and we hope this will help students from all walks of life find guidance when making those decisions.”

The Ultimate College and Career Resource Guide reinforces SD SFEC’s mission to strive to ensure that all learners—especially English Language Learners, economically disadvantaged learners, and minority students—have the supports they need to achieve academic, career, and life goals. The guide has been shared over social media and in a statewide press release timed to coincide with South Dakota Board of Regents College Application Week. It has also been shared with South Dakota’s School Counselor List Serv and the SD Department of Labor and Regulation’s Career Launch Career Advisors.

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